Road Tolling

As spin-off of the Magicview Services Delivery Platform, developed for sensor city, Magicview is well positioned to support road tolling. For example, Magicview was the operator of the large-scale Viapass project in Brussels, commissioned by the government and won in a tender against reputable companies like IBM and Sanef.

Please refer to the video on the side to watch the prime-time news item on the belgian television.

The final report on Viapass is delivered to the government but not yet published. There is an interim presentation available for download here

Prior to Viapass, Magicview operated a smaller scale road tolling trial in the city of Leuven, together with Touring, NXP, TML and IBM. Please download the final report here:

The Services Delivery Platform is today the core technology on which we base our Highwise mobility service.

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