Sensor City Assen

Sensor City is a living lab located in the city of Assen, capital of the Dutch province of Drenthe. Please refer to their website.

In Sensor City Assen, a number of customer services have already been developed by Magicview. These involve;

  • Mileage Registration: track and trace your miles
  • "driving style monitor": a game which reduced unwanted agresive driving style with 10%
  • Multi Modal Travel Assistant: drivers are alerted that a faster public transportation alternative towardsw their destination exists
  • Parking Assistant: drivers are offered free parkins space and can reserve them.
  • Smart Routing: itineries of all drivers at a certain moment in the city are evaluated and adapted such that a optimal "load balancing" of the city traffic network is obtained.

Please check out the video impression on the side to have a visual overview of the use cases. You can download the final report of the experiment from here.

During the Sensor City project, Magicview developed its Services Delivery Platform and the On Board Unit

The Sensor City mobility experiment was delivered in 2014. After completion of the experiment, Sensor City continued with Magicview to keep the infrastructure up-and-running. Members can track their mobility using You can also check out Sensor City's life status here