July 25, 2016: Monal star-featured on CNBC's report on education. Watch it here!
July 6, 2016: Monal's parent company, magicview, went through the Rockstart Business accelerator and is now proud to pitch its plan on the rockstart Demo Day!

Magicview is a KIC-InnoEnergy venture

towards clean and reachable cities

What makes our clock tick is to achieve better urban mobility, so that we help making Clean and Reachable Cities happen.

Our purpose is to obtain behavioral change of the end user by providing him more and better mobility options, and to incentivize him to use the ones with the least footprint.

Location Based Transactions

We achieve this by introducing our patented Location Based Transactions platform, which allows travelers to choose, use and pay for any mobility service of their choice. 

  • Location Based means real-time metering using our location-aware active payment card ("transponder")
  • Transactions are started when the transponder moves in to the service area, which implies that the service "slot" is taken. When the transponder moves out, the transaction is billed and the service slot becomes available for someone else

Because we know Identity, Time and Location of the service user, we can set variable pricing, hence nudging him to take the services with the best fit to his needs.


Monal Services Delivery Platform

Monal (Mobility Terminal) is our patented core technology aggregating third party services. We have already aggregated a few.

  • StreetWise is our parking application, both for City Parking as well for Commercial Parking
  • Highwise is our ride sharing service. Please refer to www.highwise.eu
  • Commuter Guidance is a multi-modal service for Corporate Mobility so that commuters use the best options at hand, and offload the peak pressure near the business park

Subscribers of one service are automatically entitled to the others too. In future, we aggregate more mobility services, leading to Seamless Multi-modal travel under one service platform.

Learn more about how Location Based Transactions work, e.g. in parking services.