Services Powered by Monal

Mobility provides, such as parking operators or corporate mobility providers, use our patented core technology to offer more reliable mobility, control costs or achieve better yield.


We support parking operators with indoor- and outdoor hardware to manage their real estate asset, recognizing e-Vignettes being transacted, and sensoring unoccupied parking docks. This way, under-utilized assets may be valorized.

For instance, corporate subscribers tend to enter the parking lot in the early morning and occupy the best places, while paying a fraction of the amount a regular customer would. Monal allows the parking operator to define “premium places” (near the entrance) which are not entitled to subscriber customers without paying a premium.  

In other cases. corporate subscription docks are physically reserved for companies. This is suboptimal in case of a non-show of a subscriber. Our method pools the reservations without the need for earmarking docks.

Subscription pooling is even possible across parking facilities: when a subscriber decides to park in alternative parking, the reservation in the premium facility can be deducted from the quotum, hence  this position can be released to the general public (paying a manifold of the rate).

Yield management can also be achieved in on-street parking (e.g. city parking), where rates are also diversified between residents and (occasional) visitors. In many cities, like Amsterdam, parking management is a nightmare and can be addressed by proper capacity management.

Corporate Mobility

Monal  is the perfect enabler to achieve MaaS ("Mobility as a Service"). Monal helps employers to save on the approx. 3000€ mobility costs per employee per annum, and to facilitate transition from “lease-car” based mobility to “Mobility budget” based mobility.

Employees are guided in real-time during their commute to take the best option, and save by sharing rides or smart multi-modal options.  See for example our section on "antwerp pilot" .

In many countries, the use of smart corporate mobility is strongly supported by Public Authorities under the form of fiscal savings.