Traveler Benefits

Daily Commuting

Monal aims in first instance at commuting traffic in highly congested urban area's.

Monal establishes the most optimal route for every individual commuter in real-time. The commuter has freedom of choice in determining what optimal is: as fast as possible, as cheap as possible, as sustainable as possible etc.

While driving, the platform checks in real time if it is not better to share the drive with colleaues heading to the same destination at the same time, or to transfer to Public Transportation. If that is the case, the required resources, like a P+R parking spot or a seat in a collegue's car are booked, to achieve a seamless travel experience.

Please refer at the rideshare and parking sections for more detail.

For the subscriber, this represents a savings of around 400€ on yearly basis on fuel cost only. On top of this come the savings of vehicle ownership and parking costs, which are partly benefiting to the employer and partly to employee. In some countries (like Belgium) this can be leveraged fiscally, yielding an additional fiscal-free yearly 1000€ increase on their spendable income.

Urban Parking

Every trip towards the city ends in a parking session, and every car-owning resident needs to leave his car somewhere.

The Monal e-Vignette acts as an electronic subscription card for parking services (on-street as well as off-street), allowing him to realize in real-time the most attractive parking option.

  • Because of Monal's capacity management, reliable parking guidance is achieved, resulting in reduced cruising times
  • The Monal Vignette is a loyalty card: Parking operators will give free credits to use under-utilized parking space, bundled in the e-Vignette rental fee.
  • City residents may use the Monal e-Vignette as a parking permit, making use of benefits offered by the local Public Authorities to incentivize their policies, e.g. to "nudge" residents to use long-term parking outside of the city or in underground parking lots.