Februari 11, 2016: Magicview is selected out of 400 companies to join the Rockstart Accellerator Program, running from februari 2016 to august 2016.
July 6, 2016: Magicview has finalized the accellerator program and announces Monal venture. Watch the Demo Day pitch here!

Viapass Belgium Viapass Belgium

Magicview carried out a prestigious Roadtolling study in Belgium, together with its partners PwC, Vito, Touring, GfK and Mobistar.


Towards Mobility as a Service


Magicview started in 2005 as a Dutch-Chinese design house. What makes our clock tick is to achieve better urban mobility, so that we help making Clean and Reachable Cities happen.


Mobility Solutions

We do this by offering three Mobility Solutions.

  • HighWise is our rideshare solution. We would love to see full cars on empty highways, rather than empty cars on full highways. Our in-car hardware automatically detects commuters on their way to the highway entry, and the service dynamically matches members to join the trip to the office and back. Every seat shared is a car less on the road, and a car less to park in the inner city! Read more...
  • StreetWise is our parking-and charging bundle, both for off-street as for on-street. Subscribers are identified with our e-Vignettes, acting as electronic parking permits, so that they can park their car without hassle. StreetWise can be used by cities and parking operators to enhance their operations
  • PennyWise is our automatic seamless public-transport ticketing system. Subscribers can hop on or off busses, subways or trains without the need to check in or check out for the trip. With PennyWise, public transport operators can achieve a better service to their travelers.


Seamless Mobility and Mobility as a Service

These three services have synergy. Subscribers of one service are automatically subscribed to the other. Therefor, commuters can break up their trip in multiple "hubs", which are seamlessly glued together. So drive your car to the parking lot and carry on with Public Transport in one single transaction!


Magicview's Monal technology enables Information, Reservation and Payment

Monal (Mobility Terminal) is our core technology on which the three service bundles are based. It is an active location-based transaction system, and will be a game changer in reducing urban traffic.
Monal integrates Information, Reservation and Payment into one single Mobility Services Delivery Platform. This platform is installed as a distributed network infrastructure in the public domain, where citizens and goods move around, and are localized and authenticated with an incredible precision, using an active electronic subscription card
Knowing the identity and the location of the commuter in real-time not only allows to charge for the transaction, but also yields a real-time view on the availability of the capacity. Hence it makes it possible to inform commuters about available resources and have them reserved. View the presentation about Monal ...

Strong Ecosystem in the making.

The more Mobility providers we have in our partner network, the more benefits are unleached to the users. Coming months, we are working with Rockstart and Kic-InnoEnergy to create the partner network. Stay tuned!