Care Organizations need to strike the perfect balance between delivering effective care and respecting the autonomy of clients. At the first place they bear the responsibility of safeguarding their clients against risks by providing necessary care. But they also operate within the hospitality sector, where the expectations are to uphold client independence, privacy, and dignity, without patronizing.

Care Pledge and Hospitality Pledge cause a conflict of interests, as effective care delivery necessitates accessing personal information, thereby sparking privacy concerns.

Magicview Care Services offer a solution to navigate this dilemma. They empower senior individuals to live independently through targeted preventive care, while providing timely curative interventions when necessary. By anonymously analyzing Activities of Daily Living, our services generate privacy-managed Risk Profiles, providing the care workers with crucial insights to act promptly and appropriately, ensuring that care is both effective and respectful. This approach starkly contrasts with models employed by some big tech companies, which often prioritize the monetization of personal data over the genuine well-being of individuals.

Vitality Services: A Proactive Approach to Wellness. Our Vitality Services take a holistic and long-term perspective by analyzing ADLs across the entire client population. This comprehensive analysis enables the early detection of trends in functional decline, allowing us to signal potential health issues before they become critical. By focusing on preventive care, we aim to maintain and improve the overall vitality of our clients, ensuring a higher quality of life and reducing the need for more invasive interventions later on.

Safety Services: Real-Time Monitoring for Immediate Response. At the heart of our commitment to client safety are our Safety Services, which operate in real-time to monitor ADLs for any exceptions to regular behavioral patterns. This vigilant oversight allows us to swiftly identify and respond to potential emergencies, such as falls, cardiac arrests, and other life-threatening situations characterized by abrupt deviations from normal routines. By ensuring immediate corrective action, we provide a safety net that protects clients when they are most vulnerable, all while maintaining the utmost respect for their privacy and independence.